Why create a stamp with a stamp designer?

MyStampReady is one of its kind and the very first platform that provides an opportunity to create layouts of seals or stamps in vector form. It enables you to design a stamp of any complexity staying in any city. That is practically you don’t have to be in the same city as your designer. This online designer has a super-smart and intuitive interface that lets you create seals and stamps without having programs like Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and adobe photoshop. And you do not have to wait to see a specialist discuss your requirements. Rather, you can choose a layout, and order products as and when needed. In short, this online graphic editor is ready to do everything for you in terms of designing a company seal, notary, seals for doctors, and so on. The exclusive feature that allows making vector graphics is highly beneficial. Here are the benefits of making the layout using the vector graphic:

You will be able to create a stamp in any way such as rubber, or photopolymer based on the model.

This is an amazing feature: you can easily scale the image to any size from one pixel to infinity.

It facilitates you to create designs of complex layouts in smaller sizes.

MyStampReady offers to download the stamps in various formats

PNG: The image gets downloaded in bitmap format which is in high resolution of 600dpi and consists of a transparent background.

SVG: It is a vector graphic format that allows the user to scale the finished layout to any size. The SVG format is not bypassed in the manufacture of printing by engraving.

PDF: This is a well-versed format that is the most portable format for all the documents. And almost all the programs and devices support this format.

DOCX: This format is also available to make your work easy. We believe in making great customer service, hence DOCX is added to address stamps.

The layouts can be easily saved in the online stamp designer with the "Save Layout" feature. Apart from this, you can also edit the layouts anytime by going back to the editing mode.

MyStampReady is the only designer which lets you create multiple shapes of stamps are a round stamp, a triangular stamp, and a rectangular stamp.

Know more about MyStampReader online designer of seals and stamps

You can consider it as your online graphic editor. This is designed to help you create, view, edit, and customize layouts of seals and stamps. Generally, this online designer interface is made for those who want to create a stamp and seal without professional knowledge or without knowing any additional skills to operate the graphic editing software like using Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photoshop. Not just this, it also allows you to implement the features after selecting the kind of material to manufacture and equipment for the final product. And then you don’t need to search for a manufacturer, just place the order to any nearest company by showing the sketches or layouts that you have designed.

MyStampReady is a stamp maker that allows the user's minimum involvement in making a layout of seals and stamps or even without any participation of the client.

What are the different prices of layouts?

The Price of layouts is as follows:

Promo - 2.5$

Economy - 3.5$

Premium - 4.5$

Gold Word - 5.5$

If you have any issues with the payment in any circumstances, you can readily get the stamp layout for free. all you need to do is save the layouts via the floppy button and reach out to us by email.

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