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Never Ignore your pet’s symptoms- How to find a cure for them?

If you have been noticing your four-legged friend sneezing or shivering usually, it’s time to become meticulously observant towards these symptoms. Loss of appetite is never a decent sign as your pet might be starving which may lead to severe aftermath. Although, getting worried is not a solution so keep monitoring if you see your cat or dog has a mild nasal discharge and low energy level after normal appetite. Another important step is keeping your pet away from his/her other pet friends unless advised by your veterinarian as upper respiratory infections are possible. In cats, finicky eating habits are usually ignored, wherein this could be a serious problem.

Don’t delay in taking your pet to see a Vet if?

Talk to your vet right away in case of trembling and if your dog sneezing a lot :

• Persistence and increase in sneezing and nasal discharge are seen in your dog or cat with time.

• You observe the change in color or consistency of the nasal discharge.

• Constantly your pet is rubbing his/her nose or pawing at the face

• Pet’s breath is noisy or raspy.

• Apart from sneezing and nasal discharge other signs like yellow or green discharge from the eye, coughing, decreased appetite, vomiting, lethargy are seen.

• In case of trembling, any sudden shivering, or if doubt why is my dog shaking and not eating it shall be taken seriously and you must keep an eye on other symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. If your cat is losing appetite the reasons might be infections, kidney failure, pancreatitis, intestinal problem, or even cancer.

Must do while observing the pet symptoms

No matter what the vet suggests these steps must be taken in advance by you on seeing any pet symptoms to avoid any further aggravation. These simple yet effective steps must be taken to ensure your pet's health and wellness.

• Feed your pet with his/her favorite food items as animals become more picky eaters during illness just like us.

• Cleanliness is a priority in case of nasal infection and dog sneezing. If you simply keep the living area clean and dust-free, it will help in reducing the possibility of further inhalation of foreign matter.

• This is a little tricky. If your dog is well trained, you must try using a humidifier, a vaporizer, or steamer to chocolate’s nasal passage which will help him/ her breathe more easily.

• Keep a very soft damp towel to gently wipe his/ her nasal discharge.

• Avoid contact with any poisonous items like chocolates, cigarettes to avoid nicotine poisoning, sugar substitute from chewing gum.

Common reasons for Sneezing, Nasal Discharge and shivering/trembling in Dogs and Cats

• Kennel Cough i.e. Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease

•Certain foreign matters from smoke, dust, or inhaled irritants and allergens like cleaning agents.

• Pet might have a dental disease

• Reverse sneezing in pets

• Due to nasal passage blockage

• There are multiple reasons like pain, excitement, old age, nausea behind a dog's shaking or trembling. In the primary state, you should observe your pet for symptoms of poisoning, kidney disease, or any serious injury.

Best treatments of Sneezing and Nasal Discharge in Dogs

• Antibiotics, nasal decongestants, antihistamines, appetite stimulants, and/or subcutaneous or intravenous fluids may be primarily needed.

• If a tooth is diseased it may need extraction.

• In case of any polyps, tumors being diagnosed, surgery may be required for its removal.

• Ask your vet to design a scheduled regime for yourself and your pet.

• In case your cat is just not ready to eat anything try serving different foods in small amounts.

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